Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Rolf Campbell, verlegt bei Pesky Publishers, Balnaguard, Taynuilt, Argyll PA 35 1JQ
With kind permission by Rolf Campbell, published by Pesky Publishers, Balnaguard, Taynuilt, Argyll PA 35 1JQ

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Your time is gonna come        
Text: Rolf Campbell, published in "For Better Or Verse"
Musik: Kurt Sawalies

The street lamps cast their eerie glow, reminding you of long ago

Of days when you were center of the stage

You sang your songs of cowboy lore, the people screamed and yelled for more

A superstar, you earned your royal wage


But tours began to take their toll, you thought that booze would save your soul

And bourbon soon became your daily bread

Your friends began to pass you by, your guitars bought three weeks´supply

And now there´s just a gutter for your bed

But your daddy often told you that for every three of hearts

An ace one day is gonna come your way

Though the hour´s not of your choosing, your time is gonna come

Put your trust in God, ……………  when things seem grey


Memories just make it worse of lawyers cleaning out your purse

They threw you down and stole your golden fleece

Against a wall you slowly sag, take comfort from a paper bag

Jack Daniel´s brings you temporary release


You often sleep beneath the stars, you travel in the railway cars

A drunken hobo begging off the crowd

A life that´s now devoid of hope, you need the alcohol to cope

And count the days that lead towards the shroud.

But your daddy often told you ...

One night the snow begins to fall, a blanket on New Jersey´s sprawl

A Catholics chapel´s doors are open wide

Your father´s words come to your mind a memory that´s deep enshrined

With eager feet you stagger deep inside.


A wireless plays inside the hall, a song you wrote called “Crocket´s Fall”

The Dj says it´s now at number two.

He says the artist can´t be found but the media are hunting round,

Searching all America for you


But your daddy often told you ...

But your daddy often told you ...





Text: Rolf Campbell, published in “For Better Or Verse”

Musik: Kurt Sawalies/Kenny Legendre


When is a song really finished?

When the lyric comes to an end?

When the melody fades into nothing?

Likewise the last breaths of a friend.

For in life he brought such enjoyment

a smile always etched on his face

a talent spread wide on recordings

now a legend that time can´t erase


For if caring hearts still remember,

then Derek will never be gone;

and just like the tunes he promoted,

his memory long lingers on


Whatever, wherever comes after

he´ll stand there with harp or with lyre

in perfect pitch at the forefront

he´ll be leading the heavenly choir


For if caring hearts …


So here´s to the lifetime of Derek

in time may our broken hearts mend

be grateful for days in his presence

and be proud to have called him a friend


For if caring hearts …

For if caring hearts …





Text: Rolf Campbell, published in "Poetry - that's boring. Isn`t it?"

Musik: Kurt Sawalies/Kenny Legendre 


My rifle warm against my shoulder under skies of Lebanon

Another pointless battle beckons, another place another gun

Where man again will kill his brother, as he´s done from year to year

But when the blood is flowing freely be sure the journeyman is near


You´ll find me waiting with the reaper, always first to stab or shoot

The battlefield´s my bread and water, Iraq, Angola or Beirut

I´ve fought upon the snow capped mountains where Asian sun has shone

Though once I was a Roman soldier – but now the legions are all gone


The seasons pass in endless cycles

While the hourglass sheds its grains

And though the centuries are passing

Still the journeyman remains


Now Israel lies across the border as the Jews return at last

For it was there my journey started two thousand years into the past

It was upon the Mount of Skulls where for his Robe my comrades diced

I raised my spear to end the sorrow and plunged it deep into the Christ.


But at my action time suspended as those eyes blinked open wide

With regal gaze he looked upon me and then the Jew´s messiah cried

You stand content before me, soldier, as you are, shall you remain,

To always feel the shame of battle until once more we meet again.


The seasons pass in endless cycles…


And so my doom descended on me with the prophet´s final breath.

Though countless mortal blows I´ve suffered I´ve never felt the touch of death.

I fought against the first crusaders, raised my sword against the Khan,

And at the Little Big Horn River´s where you find the journeyman.


My body scarred, my friends departed how I yearn for death´s release

Oh Nazarene, take pity on me and grant me now that final peace.

The book foretells the second coming: As you said we´ll meet again.

But hear me, Prophet, I implore you why must I soldier on till then?


The seasons pass in endless cycles…



Nature´s Heart                  
Text: A.C. Campbell
Musik: Kurt Sawalies/Kenny Legendre

Pause here and listen to the silence

Raise your eyes towards a distant hill.

See cloud shadows drift across the heather

And all around you life is quiet and still

You´re just a tiny part

in nature´s heart


No thoughts of hate or strife to grieve you

The peace of this great land is all around you

As your whole being fills with pleasure

You know that this is happiness you´ve found

Be glad you´re still a part

In nature´s heart


Rest here a while and gaze around you

Take time to think for what you truly seek

this piece of  Earth is very special

the joys of being here are quite unique

Remember you´re a part

In nature´s heart


Come to this place if you are troubled

Or when you feel that life is so unfair

Maybe your soul just craves some silence

Let the peace of ages lift away your care

You´ll always be a part

In nature´s heart


Rest here a while and gaze around you…



Rod's Back

Text und Musik: Kurt Sawalies


It all started one day when a young girl posted a statement

It just said “Rod´s back” and on Facebook all the friends woke up

The guys began to ask “if he´s back, than back from where?”

But confusion started when someone asked “What´s up with Rod´s back?”


Rod´s back, Rod´s back, won´t you tell me what´s up with Rod´s back?

Rod´s back, Rod´s back, what the hell is up with Rod´s back?


It soon was clear: his back was on facebook

And everybody started to search

The days went by, the thoughts flew high

And my personal interest never went down.


Rod´s back, Rod´s back...


So what happened to him? Was it an explosion?

Or are we just kidding around?

But I didn´t find any further comment

That other parts of Rod´s body have been found


Rod´s back, Rod´s back...




Text: Rolf Campbell, published in "From The Heart"
Musik: Kurt Sawalies

When the present turns to history

The ache you left will fade

And the empty wound in time will slowly heal

Bringing with it laughter once again

New joys and hopes and fears

Till all drops spilt in misery congeal


Still I don´t condemn what you have done

Your life´s surely your own

New horizons strech before on separate roads

As you yearn for your stability

I dream of Celtic shores

And I wonder at the difference in our loads


I´m sure in truth you´ll find your rainbow

Regret that it´s not I

You´ll soon encounter lots of better men

And though currently my wings are clipped

The bird thrown to the ground

From the cinders I will rise up once again.


Still I don´t condemn...

It feels like coming home
Text und Musik: Kukrt Sawalies

Come on brother let me tell you a story

That meanwhile happens every year

It always takes place in a foreign land

Where I´d been the very first time some years ago

Let me tell you bout the beauty of this land

With all his bens and all his glens

And the friendly people who live there


And it feels like coming home, it feels like coming home

To a place where you´ve never been before

It feels like coming home, always feels like coming home

never being left alone


You smell history in every tree

You can even feel it in the air

Where you find Lochs and Castles everywhere

And people who are proud of being there

Let me tell you about the evenings

In any of these pubs

With all those friendly people who drink there


And it feels like coming home …



The Pubsinger
Text und Musik: Kurt Sawalies

It´s a lovely Friday night in another lovely town,

another lovely pub where he would play tonight

Since some years he had decided not to do that again

Better play in concert halls with friendly people


But he never gave up to play in a pub

He always thought he would make it

To please those guys and make them smile


But some motherfuckers never payed attention

When the lonely singer gave his very best.

they´re just drinking without hearing what he mentioned

Won´t they come afore and kiss his pretty ass?


How much he loved it when someone stood before him

Stonedrunk and only mumbling: “Can you play AC/DC?

Or some song of the Spice Girls?” As if he had tits

But nevertheless he never quit


He played at such places all over the land

But there´s still a small detail

That he´ll never understand


Why these motherfuckers never payed attention...


These motherfuckers never payed attention…


And if you think this is a bad song

Be warned, it´s one of my very best!




Doggie B.

Text und Musik(?) Kenny Legendre


Kenny:  Hey Kurt....

Kurt:  yeah?

Kenny:  when we were in Scotland somebody called me the dog's bollocks!  And they told me that was a compliment!

Kurt: nah, you're kidding!

Kenny:  nope.  Ain't that something?

(bisschen Rumgedudel)

Kurt:  Hey Kenny...

Kenny:  yeah?

Kurt:  if that's the case then you can go ahead and lick yourself

Kenny:  Huh?  Why that?

Kurt:  Because you can!           


Pink Sheep 

Text und Musik: Kenny Legendre


In 2000 and 9 I met my friend Kurt

We made us some music, and it sure didn't hurt

We consulted the Tillerman, started the Cat

And went off to play Scotland, 'cause that's where it's at

sunshine, long sandy beaches.....

Well, we booked us a flight with Flyanight air

Where luggage costs 5 times your fare

You lose your inheritance if its overweight

Pay up and fly, or be left at the gate

but we put our capos in our wallets & stripped the paint off our

guitars, and it was okay

bumpy asses & all


Well, I'd never been to Scotland before

I was curious to see what was beyond that door

Our friend got a friend to come out with his car

So we packed ourselves in and set course for Dumbar........      ton

A luxury resort town on the Firth of Clyde


The parking went without any strife

But when we got to the highway I got the shock of my life!

I thought I was dreaming, but I wasn't asleep

The first thing I saw was a flock of pink sheep

I don't mean spots either, I'm talkin' pink all over

I got a picture somewhere, I'll show you!


In our hometown of choice it was no less bizarre:

In the music shop window hung a pink guitar!

What kind of place is this? Is there call to beware?

But it wasn't dangerous, and besides, we were there

So we unpacked our instruments, then we played

And the Scottish folks clapped to the music we made

They danced on the tables, they sang all our songs

And we never once felt like we didn't belong

on the contrary, I've got a couple of phone numbers here...


So the story's moral before we go

If you see something that you don't know

Don't run away, or start to weep

It might be a good sign – just like pink sheep!



Cairn of Tranquility
Text: Rolf Campbell, published in "For better or Verse"
Musik: Kurt Sawalies

On the Cairn o´ Mount, deserted

A recluse, tranquility.

Hush now, don´t break the silence

Close eyes, with senses see.


Are we really close to Heaven

or does God feel jealousy?


Eden surpassed in Angus

Far away we hear a bee

that sweet, liquid, golden silence

can this be serenity?


On the Cairn o´ Mount, deserted ...